What is eduARdo?

eduARdo is an augmented reality (AR) software designed and developed for educational purposes.

Motivate your students with innovative demonstration, take them to faraway places or bring unseen objects close to them.  But demonstration is only the beginning; what if they could make their own AR?  With eduARdo you or your students can create and annotate AR easily with tablets or smartphones. Imagine that your students’ exercise books turn into a 3D landscape with their own labels, descriptions or links!  eduARdo is adaptable to any school subject and grade, there is no age limit for creativity.

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Key Features

Hundreds of educational AR contents
Wide range of AR collections of different 3D models, videos, pictures and sounds can be used with almost every school subject
AR content creation
Augmented Reality content creation can be easily done by students using their own tablets or smartphones. Hundreds of ready-made AR contents and trigger images can be chosen and attached to create a brand new AR
AR content annotation with labels
Ready-made or uploaded ARs can be annotated with labels (short text) and descriptions (long text)
AR content share
All of the ARs can be shared with students and teachers with eduARdo
Class management for sharing ARs
With a simple classroom management groups and classes can be created; students can be divided into these groups and classes
AR content creation and sharing with mobile
All of the features of eduARdo application can be accessed with a mobile device (tablet or smartphone)

Concept and Pedagogy


Precise demonstration

We all know that good demonstration is the foundation of the learning process. Sometimes it is very hard to demonstrate precisely and effectively faraway places, complex objects with difficult functioning needs, something more than a static picture. According to the topic, a well selected video, a precise interactive 3D model can support learning effectively.

Content consumption and creation

According to Bloom’s Taxonomy “remembering” and “understanding” are the first levels of knowledge. With a ready-made AR, only content consumption happens, but if we aim higher level of knowledge, the students have to “analyse”, “evaluate” and finally “create”. Content creation means higher level of knowledge. Annotating or creating a whole new AR content gives students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge.

21st century skills

Fostering 21st century skills are in the focus of our educational concept. Creating any AR content, using unique ideas means “creativity”. Using ideas, developing and designing new contents and annotations together trigger “collaboration”. Annotating an AR needs analysing, evaluating and applying new knowledge, leading to “critical thinking”. Using ICT devices for learning needs digital skills, in other words “digital literacy”. While your students work and collaborate together they exchange information online and offline, they need cultural and social understanding, empathy; good “communication skills”.

Choose your AR?

Languages & Literature, Social Sciences, STEM, Arts are covered with hundreds of AR contents.  Carefully selected and categorized interactive 3D models, static models, videos, sounds are available for your students. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let your kids create it right away in your class or even at home.

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Create your AR?

Let your students make their own AR even in the classroom. Choose any of our content, choose your marker and attach them. Turn students’ exercise books into a 21st century interactive learning material.

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Label your AR?

When your students have their AR, take the next step, start learning on a higher level. Let them annotate their AR content with their own labels even in 3D. Zoom in, zoom out, rotate. Use their own labels for their own AR content. When they are ready, let them share and discuss in the eduARdo application.

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